Every year, Grade 11 organizes a farewell party for his or her seniors to provide them an uplifting ending. This year it absolutely was our chance to prepare this event and as an outcome, we made that day memorable for both the grades. Around 45-50 students organized this event. to form things easier, we divided ourselves department wise, i used to be part of the decorating. The main aim of the decorating department was to form the venue as attractive as possible. All the dances were to entertain our seniors and keep them faraway from all the strain surrounding the finals exams and every one.

LO3: Demonstrate a way to initiate and plan a CAS experience

Organizing such big events requires lots of designing because this can not be exhausted 1 or 2 weeks. For this event, we started trying to find ideas a month ago. First, we decided the theme of this farewell, as there have been lots of minds sitting within the room, the quantity of ideas were also more. So we came up to a subject which was the theme of expression. We came up to the present topic by voting, which was again a difficult task. After that, we started planning about which events we are going to include within the show, so again the identical method of selecting the subject was done.

Talking about planning department wise, we had to try  lots of secondary research for all the decoration part. We also had to return early to  school a day to complete all the decoration in order that we do must change our regular school schedule for that. to form a show perfect, the foremost important thing is time management. We had to be sure that each one the props and everything is prepared before the deadline. We also had managed all this work with our college stuff, which made everything difficult to complete on time. To initiate everything, we had to coordinate with one another and confirm that there are minimal internal conflicts.

LO5: Demonstrate the abilities and recognize the advantages of working collaboratively

As mentioned earlier, it wouldn’t be possible to prepare this event without teamwork. We all had to figure collaboratively to complete our work as soon as possible. whether or not our work for a particular department was over, we accustomed help the opposite departments if they have any issue because it was a student-led event, we had to return up with the ideas then we only had to execute them. The teachers were only imagined to judge the performances and allow us to know where we will make improvements. So working collaboratively was a requirement.

LO7-Recognize and consider the ethics of choices and actions

As this was a college event, there are certain prohibitions which can violate the school policies. for instance, even the songs for the dance mustn’t use slang words or mustn’t question the desired behaviour at school. Then we also borrowed some artworks which may be used for adornment from the art team. So we took proper care of it and returned it, whether or not it absolutely was a little art piece. during this process of decoration, we made sure that there was minimal wastage of resources. We made sure that no extra resource is ordered, we only re-ordered when everything ordered previously was used. So in such situations, ethics of choices and actions came into the image.

From this event, we could learn many things like time management, self-management, social skills, communication skills and plenty of more. Throughout this process, I also used learner profiles like communicator, open-minded and knowledgeable. Overall it absolutely was a good CAS experience, probably one among the most effective thanks to the learnings and therefore the fun we had in organizing this event.

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