monsoon musing

Monsoon musings was a land event which was held in fountainhead school. Students and teachers were invited to this event. In this event, the participants can express their feelings or emotions through any kind of form to express their feelings or emotions. In this event, I was a member of the Seva cafe in which we have to serve food to the customers and whatever money comes in our hands we have to donate 20%  of it to charity. This was a successful event in which people were able to connect and express their feelings to the audience. Through this, I have covered many Learning outcomes LO1, LO2, LO4, LO5, LO6


LO1: The Seva cafe has to serve the food to the customers, in which I was lacking my skills to attract them or explain them properly. From this, we have not made a high profit. By looking at my weakness I will be confident to speak to the customer and help them properly with the food items.


LO2: The challenging part of the Seva cafe was to deal with the customers and to be satisfied with the food quality and giving them a high quantity. As the food pricing has been decided by the customers, for example, how much they want to pay for the food item. So because of this, we got less money. I have overco me this challenge by attracting the customers more and making them feel like giving money to the stall/ the item purchase.


LO5. So our stall was having a total of 5 people which helped us to make the food fast and serve the customer faster. It made us work more easily and it made us fast because we were collaborating with each other which made it easy to deal with the customer and made the food fast.


LO6. so plastic is harmful to society so we used steel plates and glasses from school to serve the food to the customers. which makes us overcome global issues.


LO7. So as the food was made by us then we were not eating the food and was made for the customers. So as this decision made us gather enough money to donate it to the charity and make them feel happy. This was the ethical choice we made.


 In Conclusion, This event helped me communicate with the customers and made me be proactive with the work. Overall this experience was a success as this event helped me to learn new things and at the same time to know how to handle many people at the same time.

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