Football, which I love the most in terms of sports and have been playing football for 10 years. Football has emotions and feelings with each other during the match and off the field. This sport makes a person perfect as it covers almost each and every learner profile attribute. This is a game where 2 teams compete against each other and make a goal in the opposite team’s goal. This is a physical game and has fewer rules or restrictions. Football makes me help improve my personality, fitness and mental health.

In football, I achieved lo1, lo2, lo4, lo5, lo6


Lo1: In football, I play as a midfielder in which we have to control the game and need more physical, technical, mental, and tactical skills. In this, I have known my weaknesses and strengths in football as a midfielder position. As I lack in physical and in tactical strength during the matches which I have come across and I am working on it. My strength in football is the technical and mental strategies I use.


LO2: The challenging part of football is training and maintaining the fitness level as it required a lot of hard work and strong mental strength. Also, we have our classes after our PS classes in which are very exhausting. The fact that I was sweating made me feel uncomfortable during the classes. As the days passed by, I was mentally ready to train daily and play. I felt my ability to be strong enough for this.


LO4: I attended each and every PS classes with all my dedication, and hardly I missed any of the sessions. As many other students don’t come to fitness sessions,  I did show self-commitment towards this activity and at the end of the day, it has improved my strength level.


LO5: As football is a team sport and hence teamwork is the most essential part of it. In football practice sessions, we used to guide each other while doing something wrong and help them to improve in that part, so as a team it helps everyone to grow and achieve the goals fast. In a month we used to play one or two matches which improved our coordination and synchronization as a team. So playing as a team helps everyone to grow fast.


In conclusion, I have applied many of the Learner Profile attributes like inquired as I used to show independent learning in developing my strength, thinker as in certain play of football we had to use several strategies, communicator as I used to communicate with the friend of my weaknesses and strengths, and many more like balanced as I maintained an equilibrium between my academics and my football passion, and risk-taker. In the end, I enjoy playing football and have improved my strength level to another level.



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