Gabra fest

Garba fest was an event that was held in  fountainhead school in which students from different classes came and participated. We had to bring traditional Garba clothes of Garba and the event started after school hours. I covered LO1, LO2, LO4, LO6 


LO1: The experience helped me to identify my strengths and weaknesses. As my strength was stamina throughout the song and my hand movement while doing the Garba. My weakness in Garba was less knowledge about Garba steps and was not matching the speed of another person beside me. So I have to improve my knowledge and speed to do well in Garba with others and have fun with my friend.


LO2: So the challenging part was to learn the Garba during the school day, in which it was hard to manage time with studies and extracurricular activity. As this Garba fest has been celebrated for the past 2-3 years and I have been participating in this event in which it is hard to learn the Garba before the event. So I have managed to divide my time with studies and extracurricular activities.


LO4: A lot of perseverance was required to learn the Garba before the Garba fest. So I have managed to learn from my friend coming early and going to classes to make the event successful for me and managing the time properly with studies.


LO6: As the Garba is not recognized in other countries, the global significance was to spread the enjoyment and knowledge of the Garba and its culture with other countries. As this was needed as not many countries know about this culture so to spread awareness i posted photos on social media and also told my friends about gabra who are staying outside india.


During this event, I developed a certain learning-profile like balance as I have managed my time effectively with studies and extracurricular activity. Then inquirer as I was not hesitant to ask some steps to my friend while learning. So this event was fun and also learning a new activity With full energy.

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