It’s about 5 months since I have been going to the gym. The primary reason for joining the gym was to maintain my physical fitness. I got introduced to many different exercises and ways in which we could make ourselves fit and healthy. The only area of improvement is being regularly attending the gym. There are instances where I am unable to attend my gym hence I’m trying to improve this habit.

LO1:- The main purpose of joining the gym was to improve my physical strength as frisbee is my core sport which requires a good amount of speed and endurance. I have been working upon my endurance and also been trying to lose weight.

LO2:- Few challenges faced were time management as it was difficult for me to manage my studies with the gym. Furthermore maintaining a proper diet was a strenuous task. Moreover going to the gym regularly was very difficult as there were instances where I was not getting motivated to go gym.

LO4:- Even after skipping the gym I never discontinued going to the gym.I was very much committed to my health and always try to give my best in all physical activity I tried to do. But yes, it was not easy for me t get committed to the gym but somehow I kept encouraging myself to work upon my Body and Physical strength.




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