Educational Trip to Mount Abu

Educational Trip to Mount Abu | Activity

Our school organised an educational trip to Mount Abu, Rajasthan. A firm named “The Wilderness India” had planned the trip, consisting of 6 days. The trip consisted of trekking to the mountains, hills during day time, evening and afternoon. We had our whole grade with us during the trip and it was pretty fun.

We left Surat(source) by train and reached Abu, then, we continued our trip by gypsy to the hills(Mount Abu), we reached there about 11 in the morning. We had trekking during the evening, we used to have bonfires during the evening due to low temperature, singing songs.

The next day we went to some other trekking points. Also, we used to play team games at the base camp, which was truly fun as well. The next day, we went for Rappelling and Rock climbing, which was a new activity for me. It was challenging but it helped me understand the techniques of rock climbing. And the same way, we had trekking to a very high mountain passing through rocks and sand around. At the campsite, team games, self-improvement games were played which could be beneficial for survival skills.

Learning Outcome 2:- Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the process
I accomplished LO 2 as the trekk was new and challenging for me. I had to go through various difficult paths to be covered, and I had never done anything as such earlier. As it was new for me, my friends helped and encouraged me to complete the trek. I feel it is important to take challenges to understand and learn new things in life, it helps you get out of your comfort zone and accomplish new and major goals in your life. So, I took up the challenge and it was helpful to me as it might help me in my future trekkings.

To accomplish LO 4, I had to be committed while trekking as this was my first trekking trip, I had to be committed of being able to complete the activities. It was somehow difficult for me, due to the technical requirements of certain activities but then, somehow I was able to complete the thing along with the help of my friends and the guide who were with us.

Learning Outcome 5:- Demonstrate the skills and recognize the benefits of working collaboratively
It was important to work collaboratively during the games we played at the campsite because about 50 of us were divided into 2 teams, and we had to complete some tasks without having the power of all the 5 senses so, in order to complete the task, we had to work along with each other to accomplish the final outcome. For me, it was not much difficult as I can indulge and work along with others easily, but at that point, due to some of our senses being taken away, it was difficult to manage things along with everyone. At last, I developed my communicating and managing skills.

To conclude, this trekking trip was engaging for me, it helped me explore new areas of travel, and I enjoyed it a lot. I got to know new survival skills, techniques of trekking, and why is it important to work collaboratively in order to learn new things and accomplish your goals.


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