Global Odyssey – Food Stall

Global Odyssey was an event organised by the students of business management and economics held on 5th February 2020. In the event, there were stalls including fashion, food and fun(games). I was in the food department where I was given the responsibility to bring ingredients for Tacos and serving cocoa drink. My main goal was to execute the plan properly, coordinate well with others and generate a profit at the end.

LO1 – I identified my strengths in cooking and I knew that I had sufficient skills for cooking. I was passionate and experienced in cooking so I knew that if I went in cooking, I could have met the expectations my group leaders would have for me. I had also previously sold food products in my neighborhood so I know what I had expected of and how to deal with them.

LO2 – As stated previously, I had been selling food items before to, so I knew that the biggest challenge would be selling individually any food item, taking orders from customers, communicating with them, collecting money and than giving the orders to the customers would be very difficult, especially knowing that students from grade 7-10 and 12 would be present along with teachers. To overcome this challenge, I asked one of my friend to collect order, one to collect money meanwhile I would be serving people.

LO5 – Whether working with someone is difficult or easy depends on the person I am working with. The main challenge, as stated above was being a cashier, collecting orders and serving simultaneously. I am sure that If we had not divided work amongst all of us, some collecting money, some getting orders and one serving, we would not have been able to sell as much quantity as we were able to sell because completing one customer demand would take time, and It would be understood that if a lot of time would have gone, people would not have came to our stall.

LO7 – It was required for us to be ethical in 2 aspects. Firstly, we needed to ensure that the qualities of the ingredients we use is appropriate considering the health of the customer and cooked food in hygienic environment. Secondly, it was important that we did not overcharge for our products, and gave every customer a value for money, and not exploiting them.

This CAS experience was very well connected with Business Management. In the global odyssey event, we learnt practically about business functions and relations such as customer relations, operations, marketing and finance. We also learnt in brief about the 4P’s of marketing. The event made a loss at the end due to various reasons, however, I feel that what is important is what we learnt as a result of this event.

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