Community Service

Our school had organised community service sessions for underprivileged students from the 20th July to 18th August in the school premises. There were several things which we could teach the students but I had opted to teach the kids cooking in the service sessions due to my Interest in it and as I knew what are my strengths and weaknesses if I decide to choose to teach cooking and unsurprisingly, I was seeing benefits of selecting cooking. This experience would cover service strand

LO1 – I Identified my strengths and weaknesses of this activity. My strengths were Interest and knowledge I had in cooking which was my greatest strength. my weakness were instructing and till an extent communicating. I felt great that I was aware of what were my strengths and weakness so throughout the sessions I know what I had to work upon and how to overcome those challenges. It is very important to know your strengths and especially weaknesses so that you know what do you have to do and how do you have to do to ensure maximum efficiency. I had overcome the weakness of instructing people to a certain extent as I had used my knowledge on cooking to guide the students on how to perform basic cooking operations such as chopping and it benefited me in several area apart from service sessions such as school group projects and team sport games

LO2 – Challenging skills for me during this communication as I couldn’t communicate with people easily. a communication with the students was overcomed up to a certain extent. I had attended a session before but previously there we fewer people with whom I had to work (classmates) and all of them were familiar to speaking gujarati so It wasn’t a problem previously. I overcame the challenge by speaking in hindi with classmates and friends and then communicated in english. Also, my teammates had people who let me be in front and teach the students as I knew cooking the most of my group so that gave me confidence and I started conversing. Another challenge for me was to attend the sessions during the weekends but I tried to stay committed and achieved results

LO4 – For this activity, I needed to be committed towards my attendance during the service sessions so that I could be regular and do not skip sessions. However it was not easy for me to stay committed towards my attendance as all the sessions were kept on weekends and were kept on timings which were not suitable so therefore I had to arrange for time by making adjustments to my extracurricular activities

LO5 – Working collaboratively was necessary for this activity as there were many unprivileged students to teach therefore we were divided in teams. It was necessary to work together to ensure students learn properly. It was partially difficult and easy for me and I had few friends but also few colleagues with whom I had not worked earlier.


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