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The event was for people to share their literary works and I was in the team of serving people food. We had to prepare all the food and serve it without charging a price for the food, Instead, people could give any amount the customers wished for and that would be donated for charity. The amount generated through serving food was donated for “Missing girls” initiative. The main event was on the 21st of september 2019 in the school premises, but several days of preparation was given to the event. My main goal was to serve people with a smile and expect nothing in return. This experience would cover Service strand

LO1 – I feel that for any work, It is very important to know what are your strengths and weaknesses. Because, According to your weaknesses, you can delegate your work and ensure that the work you do is done with efficiency. I tried to overcome one of my challenges of working together and I feel till the end of the day, we could work well and coordinate well in the group

LO5 – Working with a group of large people is difficult for me as I prefer to work on a task with people who have a similar thought process as me so that during the process, the number of conflicts could decrease however in the event, many students were present and many of them had different mindsets. However, As we all had 1 common objective for that day, to serve and do something about missing girls issue, we all collaborated well, putting aside our differences for one day

LO7 – Firstly, we needed to be ethical in terms of what quality of food we serve the people and ensure no compromise is done. Secondly, we needed to ensure that all of the money collected is donated and none of the share is given to any of us, to ensure we are not cheating the people who trusted us and contributed for the charity.

By the end of this activity, I developed knowledgeable learner profile since I learnt about the issue that we will be donating to ensure that I care about the issue and don’t donate with a heavy heart. Secondly, I developed caring learner profile as I did not think about my profit or thinking about my return. I also found the satisfaction i receive from serving people. I also additionally learnt a lot more about collaboration and coordination.

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