Missing girls

Missing girls is an awareness campaign that aims to sensitize people to the plight of millions of girls who are trafficked for sexual exploitation. We visited a school where we talked about human trafficking to underprivileged students and gaining some knowledge of our own with the conversation with students. Initially, we started with playing a game which gave me a great amount of knowledge on this issue about how on average 2 girls go missing every 2 hours and how one can deal with this. After listening about this issue of human trafficking and keeping myself in the girl’s position in the game I felt that pain that every girl might feel and I wanted this issue to reach more people especially kids aged 11 to 16. During the sessions, I talked about the forms of human trafficking and how to save yourself from that or prevent it from happening we together also made a graffiti which had the number for help that reminded the students every day to help someone in need. The learner profile catered is caring as looking at this problem of human trafficking deeply affect me and I contributed towards maybe making someone’s life safe

L3- initiate and plan a CAS experience –

This was our project where we spread awareness not only to underprivileged students but also with grade 8 students.

L5-Demonstrate skills and benefits of working collaboratively,

We collaborated and made a presentation for students to understand. But we faced communication problems as some spoke a different language in the group which made it difficult to present in one language. 2 of our members speaking in Hindi whereas 2 Gujarati, and kids preferred Gujarati as they came from that background so we had to coordinate in order to make our languages clear to the students. 

 L6-engagement with issues of global significance

 We catered to reducing inequality and spreading awareness on human trafficking(quality education) 

L7-Recognize and consider the ethics of choices and actions

To know how to speak to students about these topics example(prostitution, sex). Being able to use age-appropriate words and know just how much to tell them as the kids were ranged from grade 6 to 10.

One of the strengths was I immediately felt a connection with these students that made me want to give out as much information as possible but the main problem was communication the response that was expected to come out wasn’t that satisfactory, the skilled lacked was engagement skills. Overall this experience taught me a lot of new things like the number one is supposed to call for help and some real-life scenarios.

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