Global Odyssey

Global Odyssey was an event organized in our school which was an integration of Bussiness management and economics, this event expected us to apply our knowledge in innovative ways. The event was divided into 3 major parts: Entertainment, Fashion, and Food. The main concepts focused on the event were: Innovation, ethics, globalization. I was assigned the group of Fashion and Cosmetics, and I was assigned to make an attractive poster and do chores on the day of the event. Nonetheless, Through this activity, I covered LO2, LO5, and LO7.


It was difficult to start working on it at the moment as our group delayed the work we had, so I got the list of products late. Even though I got the list late I was not experienced in poster making so I had to do trial and error. I created almost 6-7 before finally deciding one of them. Through this process, I learned about digital marketing.


Working in groups is usually an easy task for me, however, the group we had was not communicative and we frequently had miscommunications, and so working collaboratively was hard with this team. We all decided our group be named PASH-KAM and that was one thing we all agreed upon. Nonetheless, we cleared the communication gap with frequent meetings and keeping a check on each other’s progress.


Ethics, personally are very important to me. The ethics of a person could determine the level of trustability of himself as well as his entire business. I strived to maintain an ethical code of conduct during the entire event. While it would look good if I made my own poster but I used a website to create it and I made sure that I mentioned it on every poster I made. As a group, there were ethical issues like price discrimination, low-quality products, and false marketing, but we strictly avoided doing these things. This made me empathetic towards the real-life business scenarios.


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