Box cricket tournament

Cricket is the sport I am most interested in and is one of my favorite hobbies.It is the sport I enjoy playing the most. Our school does not offer cricket as a physical sport, so I often go to play cricket and participate in tournaments with my friends.

As a player, my strengths were the way I bowled, and when my bowling won us a match. I was glad to get my team to a better platform, I was confident and focused during every game we played which help my team. My high spirit and cheer also kept us going, everyone on the team played their part, most importantly communicating helped us get to a certain level compared to other teams. I was dedicated to this tournament for which we started practicing a month before.

Commitment and perseverance, this is what helps me and my team achieves beyond our aims.My team always were committed to win, even though we did not have enough synergy we worked things out by communicating properly and decided our strategy by taking everyone in mind. And, to top, it all of we won the tournament

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