CAS Project

I covered learning outcome one as I identified my strength in coordinating which helped me be a good leader. This was very important so that I can identify how can I contribute in this group.

I covered learning outcome two as there were lot of challenges which I needed to overcome in the process of the project.But of the major one was the time management as there were lots of other activities and task going along with the project so I needed to focus on them as well with the project.

I covered the learning outcome three as the idea first sparked when I saw a unique looking pencil in a market when we inquired about it, it was biodegradable and then we found that it can be made at home as well with few readily available resources so from that I got the idea to spread awareness of the project. 

I covered learning outcome four as our project was for a long time and we needed to conduct various sessions so I met for all sessions and did not be absent for any meetings this helped the flow of the project perfect and it was executed nicely.

This CAS Project was a event which gave me the opportunity to showcase my leadership skills. The idea of the task was mine and I also lead the group. This also had many challenges as there were some conflicts between the group members and sometimes difference of perspective but as I was the leader, I needed to see were the task is completed and we all were at same page. But working in a group helped to reduce burden and we had a variety of skills to make the task successful. This way I covered learning outcome five.

I covered learning outcome six as we catered to global issues of Climate Action and Life on Land. Our project helped the youth to gain awareness about reducing waste, recycling it and reusing it. And spread awareness of small steps which can be done on a personal level to tackle such huge issues.  

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