TCS IT Wiz Competition

The TCS IT Wiz – India’s biggest inter-school IT Quiz was offered in our school. The TCS IT Wiz is the nation’s leading  IT competition for high schoolers which is held all over India and is designed to build awareness and emphasize the importance of IT skills, enabling students to look at technology from a holistic perspective.

We were given the opportunity to develop creative quantitative IT skills, which better prepares us to succeed in college computer sciences classes. Furthermore, computer science or technology is driving new innovation that is shaping our society daily and is useful nowadays in a broad range of careers, even those that are were not traditionally technological in nature. Therefore by offering this competition, the Tata Consultant Services ( TCS ) aims to challenge and inspire students like us to become lifelong learners of computer sciences and compels the students to look beyond the textbooks.

As I intend to pursue my career in the field of computer science, I thought to enroll my name in this competition and know how much knowledge I have about this subject. Also by taking part in such type of competition, I enhanced my technological concepts and understanding and learned many new facts about it.

Learning outcome 1 – Identify own strength and develop areas of growth 

As I said that I want to pursue my career in computer science and I enjoyed solving problems in computer science, this can be seen in my grade 10 results. There are many times when I try different methods or ways to solve problems in order to see my approach towards answers.

While competition, due to a lack of knowledge about technological concepts and firms and industries in India, I and my partner weren’t able to compete with the other students nicely and ended up losing. Though we learned a lot of things, the competition was very competitive and students that came from across India had intensive knowledge about the concepts and were determined which was one of the factors that I lacked and need to improve. The curiousness of knowing more about the field of computer science will help me enhance my knowledge about the general facts of leading technological Indian firms and concepts which will make me better at the end.

Although, the continuous hard work and commitment of mine to learn more about the concepts such as programming, data analysis, etc help me get better day by day which is a strength according to me. Irrespective of my okayish performance in the competition, I had tried to make my self aware of as many logical concepts as possible which would help me in the competition.

Learning outcome 3 – Demonstrate how to initiate and plan a CAS experience 

This is the activity where my planning didn’t work out. I had planned to practice this test couple of times. However, firstly, I didn’t have a clear understanding of the concepts that were going to come. Secondly, I wasn’t introduced to many of them and were pretty complicated. further, I was caught up in submission that I somewhere almost forgot about this competition.

Though I like to organize my studies most of the time, sometimes when things come up all of a sudden, planning does not always work. My case was the same somewhat and it was bad that I wasn’t able to follow my plan.

However, as it is said better start than never. Therefore, before a day or so, I started looking up for tricky quizzes or sample papers by the TCS IT Wiz themselves for practice and started solving them so that I can at least perform in the test.

This activity taught me how to manage things when situations are not in control, which is certain to happen in the future.

Learning outcome 4 – Show commitment and determination 

It is easy for me to commit time to things that I enjoy doing. And when the subject is computer science or related to technology, I can do it all day long without getting bored.

But, this time after realizing the mistakes I made during and before the competition, I started to learn new things such as different programming languages online. But, as I said that I had a workload during the test which is why I could not concentrate on it before and that I didn’t opt for computer science as a subject this year in my diploma, it was difficult to manage at first. Nevertheless, nowadays I work regularly in my free time and I even wake up till midnight or after to practice a little more, so that I can give my best on it and not regret later about the results procured.

It is important to be persistent with the work or aim you have achieved. Because it helps you to not get distracted from your path and help you to focus and perform better achieving your ambition.

Learning outcome 5 - Demonstrate the skills and recognize the benefits of working collaboratively

This TCS IT Wiz competition was held in Mumbai where students attempted the test in pairs. Due to our unsuccessful planning and lack of knowledge as said before, we collaboratively weren’t able to attempt the paper fully. In the first round, out of 10 questions, we got 6 correct which was considered good for the first time but needed improvement, hard work, and more precision. If we would have planned smartly by distributing the topics among ourselves that were going to come in competition, the probability of my pair winning would have increased which could have ended up making us win the competition and earn the winning price.

Talking about my partner, he wasn’t a difficult person to work with and collaborate to plan and prepare for the competition. According to me,  in such events and in further life, it is very important for a person to learn to work in a group as it enables a wide range of ideas to be portrayed in front of other people which helps the person to build a stronger bonding with other teammate and work together to learn new things in life.

Learning outcome 7 – Recognize and consider the ethics of choices and actions
While attempting the paper in the competition with my partner, we observed an ethical issue in the auditorium. There were many students who were cheating or also pairs of students trying to attempt the paper together with the intention of scoring more but irrespective of them, Our ethics didn’t change. Irrespective of me and my partner unable to attempt the paper nicely due to our lack of knowledge, we chose to stick to our ethics and didn’t cheat. Cheating might have helped those students to reach the next round, but ultimately without knowledge, those students lost the round and cheating didn’t help them win the competition. We were aware of the consequences of the actions beforehand because of the correct knowledge provided to us by the school upon this topic. That’s why we didn’t choose to do it irrespective of other students. We believed that Cheating is not an ethical way of learning and gaining knowledge.

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