Global Odyssey

Experience – Global Odyssey

Strand – Creativity


LO1, LO2

Global Odyssey was an Economics-BM event which was a combination of different areas of interests like food, fashion, and entertainment in real life. It was initially very difficult for me to select which option to go for. After the teacher’s recommendations, I was put under the fashion group which at first I personally didn’t want to work for. I was courageous by stepping out of my comfort zone and working on something that I had no experience of. It was difficult for me to generate different ideas as I had less interest in this area. However, as time passed I started to get comfortable with my group and began to pitch in ideas. I had sufficient knowledge for making hand-made products for the fashion group to sell and hence I was allotted the task of preparing home-made scented body scrubs. When it came to implementation, I struggled and did a trial and error sort of a thing where I can identify my mistakes and eliminate them. I feel that it was the most challenging thing in this activity but I got a chance to develop my observation and implementation skills.  It was a very new experience for me and I am glad I got a chance to work with this group. 



Working with others has now been an easy task for me as I have had enough experience of working collaboratively in other activities. In this activity, our group name was PASHKAM and all the members agreed to it. It was a little difficult for me to work collaboratively in this particular experience because there were many people and there were communication gaps. After having frequent meetings this gap was eliminated. We kept a check on each other’s tasks and helped each other when needed. 



We had the experience of how the massive flea markets function by focusing on aspects that consumers want. To me, it was great exposure and a fun learning experience. We focused on issues that were suiting our tasks. For example, evaluating whether our total cost was equal or more than our total revenue, and pondering how big businesses make sure they become profitable.  


As a group, we made sure that we do not make any unethical decisions that could harm our audience. Since we were selling our products to the customers, it was extremely important that we walk on the line of ethics. There were ethical issues like price discrimination, low-quality products, and false marketing, but we strictly avoided doing these things. This made me empathetic towards the real-life business scenarios.




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