Mt Abu- educational trip

School trips have always been one of the most memorable things throughout my school life, this time I went on a trip with new people to Mount Abu where we did much fun and adventurous activities like hiking, rock climbing, rappelling, going through caves in which there was barely any space to even move and valley crossing. This whole trip gave me an opportunity to make new friends, recognize my strengths and weaknesses and also I did many activities that I did not expect myself to do and felt proud after doing so. Thanks to this year’s trip, I had a wonderful time with my friends and also got more close to them.

The learning outcomes I achieved throughout this educational trip were LO1, LO2, and LO4.


During the educational trip to Mt. Abu, we had many adventurous activities that we had to do. Through all these activities, I learned about my strengths and my weaknesses. Hiking was something I didn’t really expect, myself to do and also didn’t enjoy it but due to the trip, I recognized that I enjoy hiking and would love to do so anytime. Valley crossing was something I had never done, so I was a bit scared in doing so and wasn’t going to do it but then thought of doing it to overcome my fears. After completing it, I felt so proud of myself and it was probably one of the best things about the trip. The weakness I recognized in me was that I tend to underestimate the things I can do a lot but now I have learned from that.


One of the challenges faced during the trip was the accommodation, we were staying in tents and Mt. Abu does get really cold during the nights so keeping warm was difficult as we didn’t have any radiators in the tents and had to shower in freezing water but all of these small challenges faced made the trip more memorable. Another difficulty faced was the valley crossing. I was really terrified of doing it but I still did it and was very glad to have done it as it helped me overcome my fear. 


Throughout the trip, we had to wake up pretty early in the mornings and waking up early is not easy for me especially when it’s freezing cold. However, I was persistent and woke up every morning on time to go for the activities. Even though it was not easy I did it and I am glad I did.


To conclude, this experience was unforgettable, the time I spent with my friends and the activities done. I developed new bonds between my friends and most importantly I discovered the adventurous side of mine which I never expected myself to have. The learner profile characteristic developed by this trip was being a risk-taker as I took the risks of doing activities I had never done and overcame my fears. I would love to go back if get a chance to and experience these activities again. 



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