Garba fest(photography)

I was a volunteer for the event Garba Fest. I was appointed to click photos during the event. I covered LO2, LO4, LO5. 

This experience gave me an insight on my strengths and weaknesses. My strengths are that I can capture moments by clicking good pictures for long duration. My weakness that I explored was I had never clicked a lot of pictures where people were dancing, during garba fest  everyone is in motion so pictures were coming burr, I overcame this challenge by learning other modes of camera by my friends which helped me get better pictures. During this experience I learned to click pictures in different modes according to the situation and even explored different angles to click pictures.

A major challenge I faced during photography was that I did not have my own camera so it was hard to adjust to the other camera and majorly explore different modes on a camera that I have never used. Gradually, I understood how to use the camera and started clicking good pictures on it.

Working in a group was very helpful because others were good at something that I was not good at, also we could divide our work as I will click pictures from the end of assembly and Ekaansh would click pictures from the start of assembly to get pictures from different angles.

During this activity, I developed certain learner profiles like being open-minded and communicator.

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