Community Service

I took part in the community service set up by Fountainhead school. The aim of this was to help underprivileged students in developing basics of various skills which could help them have a balanced lifestyle, such as cooking, sports, crafts and computer in 6 sessions. I chose to help teach craft because I find it to be a very easy way of refreshing and taking a break. We taught them how to make several easy and useful crafts such as bookmarks and photo frames. I achieved learning outcomes 2, 4 and 5 through this experience.


LO2: In this experience, I found it challenging to find ideas for the decorations of the craft pieces as well as to explain the idea to the students because I could not communicate it to them properly. I overcame this challenge by asking my group members for help and by making a sample piece for them to refer to for the basic idea.


LO4: These sessions were held over a 3 weeks time. This sometimes made it seem tiring, however it was necessary to attend the sessions as the students could bond with us better if they worked with the same people over the weeks. It is usually not easy for me to be show perseverance in a task for a long time but this experience was not that long and I was interested in it hence I could stay consistent. It is necessary to show commitment because it helps us develop our skills over time.


LO5: We had to work in groups for these sessions, which is relatively easy for me, mostly because I can cooperate and communicate well with people I know. It was also easy to work with others in this experience. In this activity, there were many students so we had to divide tasks among ourselves within the group and help each other with certain difficulties such as language barriers, so that we could help each other translate.

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