Global Odyssey (Seva Cafe)

Global Odyssey was a fair organised by G11 BM and Eco students. It included things like food, games, stationery and was open for teachers and students. I was part of the Seva Cafe group, which was responsible for the food of the fair.

I am good at planning and executing tasks and working in a team, but I have a low span of concentration. To improve my weakness, I was the cashier on my stall. I had to keep track of everyone coming to the stall and also maintain a tally record.

The most challenging part was to come up with the main menu. The menu we had selected during the start was cancelled very close to the day of the fair. Due to this, we had to make many changes to the items based on the availability and quantity. In addition, during the fair, I found it very difficult to keep a tally while also handling the cash payments, as everyone was in a rush.

I find it easy to work with others, so I found no difficulties collaborating with my teammates. Our team work towards the end was pretty important, as things did not go according to plan. With our teamwork, we were able to successfully change and execute our plan. Even during the fair, I was constantly communicating with my team as I had to inform them about the status of payment of people coming to the stall.

All in all, I found this activity fruitful, because it helped me to work on my weakness.

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