Western dance

Western dancing has always been my passion but due to a busy schedule I wasn’t able to continue it. But now when I took dancing as one of my CAS experiences it gave me an opportunity to improve my dancing skills. I will be doing this activity for 6 months. I achieved LO1, LO2, LO3 and LO4. I learnt different western dance forms like- bachata, hip hop, jazz and more. 


Dancing was always my skill since childhood and now as I have taken dancing as my CAS experience I can brush up my skills and develop some new ones. Western dancing has always been my strength and when I joined a dance class I learnt new forms of western dance. But I faced a few problems. At the beginning of the classes I got really tired because it increased the physical activity I do but with regular classes I was able  to overcome that. 


Another problem I faced was commitment, the class used to be immediately after coming from school. That made it hard for me to go to the class after a hectic day at school. But due to my dedication towards dancing I did not miss classes and became more committed. I learnt that there is no abiding success without commitment.   


Furthermore, I realised I was good at time management and planning. When I decided to take up western dancing as my CAS experience, one problem I faced was fitting dancing into my timetable without compromising on my other activities. I developed the learner profile – balanced, as I was able to set a perfect timetable that maintained a balance between studies and extracurricular activities. 


Lastly, taking this CAS experience helped me in many ways like – it increased my fitness, it helped me do something I am passionate about and mainly it helped me develop new skills and brush up on my existing skills. It also showed me the importance of perseverance and how it can help accomplish goals. 


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