Monsoon Musings – Seva Cafe

The title describes very little about the activity at hand. I did not play a very major role in the activity but still it was a wonderful experience. It was my first time in a project like this, so it was a very new experience for me.

This activity helped me a lot in understanding how to work in group. I had very little experience in this field. Major role for our group was to help with decoration and make food items out of raw materials we all brought from our home.

Seva Cafe was a sub event of monsoon musings, where we had to serve food in groups in which raw materials were brought from home and made in school.


It was a great experience working with new people and to coordinate work together. I also had fun making food but the most fun part was to eat it without the permission of our group leader. The most challenging part was to help with decorations as there was limited time to decorate so much and to coordinate so many people by only 5-6 people was a challenge for leaders also. But still they were able to complete the task with our help and i believe everyone cooperated .


One challenge that i faced was that i was very uncomfortable around new people as i was new in this school but did not let that get to me and worked without any problem.


Since all the people of Seva Cafe were divided in small groups and asked to make one or two products like we had to make pizza khakhra. Since we had to work in groups LO5 is applicable and we all had never worked together before. So we were unaware about each other. We all played our part, we all had some weaknesses but our strength as whole played a main role.







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