Farewell was a student led event held in school, students of Grade 11 hosted ‘Farewell Party’ for Batch of 2020. I hosted a game called ‘Guess Who ?’, had a small role in the spoof video and helped in making invitations by getting baby pictures of students studying in Grade 12. I was asked to host the game one day before the Farewell, and the game was supposed to be the first game of the night. If the game would have failed then the show would have a slow start and Grade 12 students would begin to lose interest in the show. So it was important that the game went successfully and the Grade 12 students enjoyed it. I had a short role in the spoof video, but it was easy for me as I have been doing acting since Grade 2. Thanks to the main team making the spoof  for making me understand my role. The video was important because we wanted it to be funny and make sure that the audience connects to it. Personally I did not have much trouble but it was a jolly experience for me. Collecting baby pictures of Grade 12 students was difficult because we had to work with their parents. It was difficult to get the pictures on time because in some cases the parent was not able to deliver the picture where in some I did not receive the picture the invitation team needed.


LO 1 {Identify own strengths and develop areas for growth}:- While hosting the game I discovered areas where I could work on, during the game I fumbled quite a few times which affected the Game as the audience might lose track or do not understand the game. This happened due to less time to prepare and practise, I found out that I need to develop my skill to improvise on the spot.


LO 2 {Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills}:- Collecting baby pictures of the students for the invitation was one of the most challenging tasks for me. It involved contacting parents explaining to them why I need their children’s baby pictures and requesting them to send in before time. This involved me to work with a parent’s convenience as they were required to be free and have time for sending eligible pictures of their children in the time frame given. It was difficult for me as I needed to give pictures to my leaders so they can make invitations as required.I found myself in various kinds of situation, many times the parent could not pick up my call or would be unavailable, some parents could not send pictures before the deadline, few parents did find any childhood pictures due to some reason or another, whereas pictures sent could not be used for invitation. From this experience I learnt how to work with various sets of people, the importance of time and working under someone else.


LO 5 { Demonstrate skills and benefits of working collaboratively}:- As I had a small part in the spoof I had to work with many others. Working together is always a challenge as there are many sets of perspectives working together but it helped me in learning many new skills. Secondly while collecting baby pictures of Grade 12 students I was working for the invitation team, it was a new experience for me as I had to work under people hence my actions affected a lot. If proper pictures were not delivered on time then it would affect the whole invitation process all in together. I also learned about the importance of working on the clock, this new skill of mine will also further help me in my future submissions. Lastly while hosting the game I had to work with one more person, it is very important and challenging working with other students especially hosting a game together. It was a challenge because if my partner misses a line or speaks mine it messes up the whole follow of the game. Here I developed a new skill of improvisation which helped me hosting smoothly. The benefit of working together is that your lines are distributed and the game goes in a proper and smooth manner.


To conclude being a part of organising a Farewell was amazing where all the students came in together and worked hard so that the event is a hit. It helped me a lot to identify my weakness and my strong points, overall my experience of the Farewell was remarkable.




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