Monsoon Musing And Seva Cafe

Monsoon Musing and Seva Cafe was an event conducted on the 21st of September 2019. In Monsoon Musing several participants expressed their literary skills by delivering some literary works written by them or someone else. Seva Cafe was an event where students of Grade 11 volunteered to cook food and serve it without any price, the buyer had an option to donate if he/she was willing to. I was one of the project aids, my duty was to decorate the venue properly with precision and perfection so the venue of the event looks bright,pleasing and attractive.


LO 2:(Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills) As a part of  project aid, my main duty was to deliver fine pieces of decorations for the event, with limited resources and time. My fine motor skills are weak, so it was a huge challenge for me to make perfect decorations but this event helped me to improve on my flaws and deliver a fine and usable product. Secondly we all had to work in a specific time allotted to us, this helped me to improve my time management skills.


LO 4:(Show perseverance and commitment in CAS experience) Main job of a project aid was to show commitment to the event. I was expected to put in my best effort so that the event goes smoothly. I treated this event as if I was conducting it hence coming in early when needed and expected. This also consisted of commiting to the the time and delivering the best product with minimum resources so we were all ready for the event before hand because we wanted to deliver a great event. I also showed my commitment on the day of the event by helping the people in participating in Seva Cafe by transferring food and dining resources to the venue where the event was taking place.


LO 5:(Demonstrate skills and benefits of working collaboratively) In this event one of the most important factors was to work in collaborations, so I needed to follow as the project coordinators told me to do. I followed as I was told by making decorations and hanging them on the venue assigned so it looks attractive. Sometimes there would be some kind of confusion but I cleared it out with my partners. This also taught me how to divide work between people by their particular skill set which was beneficial for the event. I got to learn about many skills by working to gather which improved my fine motor and time management skills overall.   


LO 7:(Recognize and consider the ethics of choices and actions) This activity consisted of me working with various people which affected the final work. I learned about equality and respect everyone working with or around you. In this kind of situation I had to keep my calm and complete my work as I was asked to. In these situations I learned not to take advantage of others’ weaknesses and vis-a-vis. I demonstrated a respectful and ethical behaviour towards my colleagues working on this event, and followed every instruction given to me.


This event was a success and every participant enjoyed sharing their literary skills, and participants of Seva Cafe shared their happiness by cooking and selling the food for free accepting even a small donation. Overall I loved being part of this project, and I am looking forward to more opportunities. 





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