Basketball Tournament (ISSO)

I have always loved playing basketball and ISSO gave me an opportunity to see where I stand. This competition was a nation wide basketball tournament for International schools in India. I played in the category of Under-19 Girls, and our team came in the third position. During this experience I developed LO1, LO2 and LO4.

During the tournament I was able to identify my strengths and weaknesses as a basketball player. My strengths included being good at defense, and communicating with the other players to ensure there’s no hotpotch. However, I was bad at offense, my aim was bad. Realising my weakness I can now give them more time to work on, and prepare well before another tournament so I can be more useful to my team. 

Moreover, the major challenge I faced was stamina issues. We were only 7 players in our team, so we had to play more minutes. I often used to stand and catch my breath which sometimes gave the other team an edge. Overcoming this challenge would not only help me build my fitness but also give my team an advantage, if there’s less player again. 

Furthermore, for this tournament we had to practise a lot because we were less people so everyone had a responsibility to do well. The practise sessions were early in the morning, so I usually faced commitment issues. I thought of giving up multiple times because we also had a lot of schoolwork during that time, but I sailed through because of my friends’ support.

In conclusion, during this experience I develop some important learner profiles like balance. I had to balance my schoolwork, extracurricular activities and sports practise. I also learned how to become a better communicator, as in between games we need to assist each other. I also how to reflect after the game to not make the same mistake in the next game. 

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