Dumas Beach Cleaning ( Service )

My friends and I went to clean Dumas Beach on Sunday with the help of an organisation named The Nature Club. We did this as dumas beach is very polluted and it causes a lot of health issues to people and also it is harmful for the environment.

I demonstrated LO2, LO5 and LO6 

LO2-Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the process.

Cleaning the beach was very challenging as the beach was very big and cleaning the whole beach was not possible. Also putting dry waste in different containers and wet waste in others was a very tough job but we managed to do it. I learned New skills like time management as we just had 2 hours 30 mins, Organisational skills as we need to manage everything.

LO5-Demonstrate the skills and recognize the benefits of working collaboratively

As I mentioned above, I went to clean the beach with my friends. It helped to learn the importance of working as a team. In the beginning it was very difficult as we needed to keep on separating dry waste and wet waste but then me and friends as a team decided to make two groups in which one will be collecting dry waste and the other will be collecting wet waste which helped us save time.

LO6-Demonstrate engagement with issues of global significance.

As we all know how badly pollution is affecting the world and people still do not care about nature which leads to global warming. People throw waste on roads, beaches, etc. It is a major issue so me and my friends discussed it and came to the conclusion that we all will be going to beaches, garden, etc to clean it.  


This activity helped me to achieve learner profiles as being balanced, caring, knowledgeable. This learner profile will also help me in future.

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