Community Service

Community service is something which gives me a self-satisfaction as well as the opportunity to help children of local communities. Community service is conducted by our school in which children from local communities come to our school and we teach them things like sports, arts, dance, cooking and using a computer system that connects them with the digital world. Sports include Football and Frisbee. I volunteered to teach them basic football for 6 sessions conducted during weekends. 


Lo-4 show commitment to and perseverance in CAS experiences


It was a challenging CAS experience. The main issue faced by me was the communication, I knew Gujrati while children also where Gujarati but the words and slant were totally different, therefore the problem was like they were not understanding certain things while we directed them on how to do something. As they were not aware of football before so it was a bit challenging for me to communicate with them and teach them something new. It was also difficult for us to come to school during weekends as the sessions were held during weekends only so managing time for academics as well as for CAS was a difficult task.  


Lo-5 Demonstrate the skills and recognize the benefits of working collaboratively.


It was really fun to teach them football as while practice they make some mistakes and we encourage them to correct them, we show them demo again and again so they can also make a correction after observing volunteers. These things really helped me to grow up as a person and make myself feel how responsible I am. Each and every session group of Childers use to shuffle between volunteer so it gave me a chance to work with different children of different mindsets. These shows working collaboratively were very important.. 


Lo-6 demonstrate engagement with issues of global significance.


While teaching children in the 5th session I was glad to see children came up with new skills which I haven’t seen during 1st session so it was a positive attempt for me to teach them. Community service was to overcome and spread awareness about providing quality education and also to ensure that local community children get chance to learn different sports and come up with new skills in this world of games. I was happy to teach them and share my knowledge, experience, and skills with the children it might be helpful for them to in their life ahead.


These sessions were helpful for the kids who learned different skills and explored the world of Football…


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