Basketball  (Personal Sport @ FS)

Our school offers a range of sports to students so that they can expose any sport of there own choice by choosing a particular sport as PS (Personal sport).

Basketball is my favorite sport so I opted for it as my PS (Personal Sport). My dedication towards sport helped me to learn new skills and develop the techniques in the game.

Learning outcome 1 -Identify own strengths and develop areas for growth.

As I was playing basketball since grade 10, I used to play as 45 (small forward) where I have to handle mid-range shooting. I was not that good at shooting from 45 so it was difficult for me to be selected in the school team. Later with the help of coaches and the rest of the team members, I identified my own strengths and I was asked to change my position to 0 (Power Forward) because I was good at jumping, collecting the rebounds and driving in for the layups. I was playing well at this position and was able to identify my own strengths in-game. Due to regular practice and self-motivation, I was able to improve my skills. 

Learning outcomes 2- Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken in developing new skills.

Basketball is the favorite sport of many people there is tough competition at every stage even in the school and out of school. Competition held out of school is even though teams participating are the best teams in the city. many of times our team lose the game just because of fewer skills and also many loopholes in our strategies, these failures left us with motivation to work harder so that we can perform better next time. with the help of couches, we were able to make a better game plan with can help us to hold a trophy in tournaments. after changing the game plan and playing strategies we participated in Khel Mahakumbh. the biggest challenge was taken by us that was our team registration was done in open categories were players of any age can play, and our team was of the under-17 category still we managed to play. the first match was in our hand but second, was out of our control but we were that good enough to give a tough competition to opponents we were proud of ourself as we were appreciated by everyone just because of we were playing in the open category and we accepted the challenge without stepping back. it was important to undertake challenges in our game as it affects our life so that we can develop new skills and grow up as a sportsperson.                             

Learning outcome 4 – Commitment to and perseverance.

As I asked to change my position from 45 to 0. it seems to be easier but it was also a difficult challenge prase. I was guided to practice more at my new position and try to attempt layupÅ› and take rebounds. I failed in doing accurately. so I decided to play daily for at least 1 hour which helped me to be better than what I was. when other matches were held and I use to observe the player(who playÅ› at 0) how he/she is playing the game and by this, I learn from their actions and skills how to use the skills when there are two men at a time. Due to regular practice, I was able to make my self a better player than before.

Learning Outcome 5 – Demonstrate the skills and benefits of working collaboratively.

Our team was cooperative and each player was dedicated to there role in the team. it made easier for us to achieve something as there was good communication skill in the team and all were putting there affords to win the game. these helped us to be what we are today as a team and we had an attitude to perform the best.                       



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