Photography has always been my passion. From clicking still life to capturing emotion I have always done my best. Doing photography makes me happy. I reflect on my photos and try to make them better using different techniques. I always aim to capture emotion in the picture so that the same emotion is felt when the photo is viewed after years. I achieved LO 1, LO 2, LO 3 and LO 4.

LO 1: Exploring different types of photography I realized I am pretty good at capturing nature. Throughout the process, I kept the full focus on composition and the basic elements of photography(line, shape, form, texture, pattern, color and space) and realized my favorite is color and texture. I also tried macro photography without a macro lens, it was fun trying new things. I explored editing throughout the process as well and try creating new things (like the one I have created for “Happy republic day”). I went on a short trip to Udaipur with my family in this duration, I gave new techniques and elements a shot over there, and I realized I can work on my composition for Architectural Photography.

LO 2: Macro photography was a bit challenging as I had to hold the lens backward and manage the aperture and iso at the same time. This was quite a new and difficult task, my photos often got shaky as I had to manage quite a lot of things altogether, handheld. I didn’t give up and kept clicking a lot of pictures, I continued this process for more than two weeks and thereafter I was able to capture good quality picture; good color, good composition(following the rule of thirds), took care of the color of the background, and my pictures stoped getting shaky. I learned my hand controlling power had improved. I might take up Photography as part-time work just to earn besides my full-time career in design, in the future. My above exploration might help me in the future.

LO 3: I believe organizing everything makes things very easy and saves time as well. I spared time for photography in the evening on Friday, Saturday and Sundays. Evening, because the lighting is perfect not too light, not too harsh. I chose weekends so that I don’t get tired, thus it wouldn’t hamper my studies. Alongside, I always carried my phone wherever I went so if I caught any click worthy shot I would doubtlessly capture it. Being an organized person following this wasn’t difficult for me at all, in fact, I enjoyed doing it. It was as if it became a part of my daily routine.

LO 4: I always had the shot I wanted to click in my mind but capturing it for real was always a challenge. For example, while doing bird photography I sometimes lost the bird as in it flew away and soon the whole flock would fly away. This made the activity very difficult. I used to lose my patience very easily but my strong desire to click the shot no matter what kept me going throughout the process.

In the end, I learned nothing is impossible if I kept my mind calm and focus on the point, I was able to achieve whatever I whatever to.

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