The farewell was a student-led event organized in the school and I was part of spoof video making and the decor team. Taking this as my case experience made me step out of my comfort zone, as I had to act in one of the shots along with shooting. It also gave me an opportunity to work with new people and it taught me the importance of Team work. Here, I achieved LO1, LO2, LO3, LO4, and LO5.

LO 1- Shooting has always been one of my strengths. Shooting parts of the video gave me exposer to single camera techniques. I even acted in the same video, I realized I could have acted better, I need to work on my acting skill, probably my expressions.

LO2- Being an introvert it was difficult for me to say yes to acting but I stepped out of my comfort zone and acted. Taking this up as a challenge was actually a good idea. I overthought about people judging upon on acting but nothing that sort happened, in fact, it turned out normal and made me proud in a way. All that I would like to change is to act better next time.

LO 3- Being an organized person I have been making a time table for everything. Decor team had to come early most of the days, it did hamper my morning slots (from my timetable) but I compensated them with my evening slots. This taught me time management and made me more responsible.

LO 4- As mention above coming early as tiresome as I had to compensate my slots but I was determined to shoot the video and complete assigned decor task. Perseverance was shown here. Small activities such as treasure hunts for finding farewell invitation and a small dace brought a big smile on 12the graders. It made me feel proud of the time and effort I put in to make them smile and that encouraged me to stay committed to the work.

LO 5- Being an introvert it’s difficult for me to communicate to people I have rarely talked to. It was difficult for a few days, I got conscious and nervous very easily but as time passed I overcame that fear. I learned that I had no reason to get conscious and nervous for, they are normal humans as I am. Working in teams collaboratively speeded things up, we got solutions to problems in less time. We wasted less time if one idea didn’t work another idea popped up. Workin in teams helped me know my strengths, decor team leaders assigned me tasks they thought I would be good at, it indirectly boosted my confidence and I learned about my hidden strengths.

Lastly, taking farewell as my CAS experience helped me boost my confidence. It also helped me overcome my fear of talking to people (to some extent). This experience taught me the importance of perseverance, teamwork, and determination.

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