Carnival stall

In my society there is a fun fair organized every year were this time I had a game stall.Me and my few friends were part of this group were we learned about how to deal with customers and also application of our Business knowledge learned in school .The carnival was on 12/27/2019  but i was working towards it from a week before. I covered the CAS strand of creativity in this experience.

I covered the learning outcomes L1, L2, L5, L7.

I covered learning outcome one as I identify my strength of business management and coordinating with people this gave me the idea of having a stall at the carnival, but I was confused with what to have at my stall so then my friend helped me come up with the idea of various games and also helped me on the stall this made task simple and the burden was distributed between us so this way I also covered learning outcome five.As it was a group task we  brainstormed various ideas, for the stall this helped our stall to be unique and be profitable as we had a variety at our stall.In a group we had a variety of skills, so the work distribution was easy and quality result was seen as the profit.

I covered learning outcome two as I had to overcome the challenge of time management as during the process, there was an summative assessment of mine going on in school and I also had to manage the task of the stall so for overcoming this problem I took help of various online resources for quick revision for the assessment and also made a effective timetable for me for that week to be on task.

I covered learning outcome seven as I consider ethics while being on the stall as there were many small kids coming at the stall and it was very easy to cheat them but considering ethics I paid attention that no kid is been cheated.

Concludingly this was a great experience for me and it gave me an opportunity to showcase my leadership skills and also learn more about how the business world works.

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