I participated in community service in the art and craft sector where we taught underprivileged children every weekend for 6 weeks. At the start, this activity was a bit tedious but gradually it turned out to be delightful because we got to know them. Interacting with those kids gave me a glimpse of their world and I was really happy to help them prosper. This activity helped me achieve LO1, LO2, LO4, LO5, and LO6. 

I uncovered my strength and weakness with the help of those children. Arts and craft is something I am always fond of and hence I decided to teach them that. It is also one of my strengths. I also discovered that one of my strengths is thinking of my feet and making something efficiently and quickly. I realized this when we were given instructions to teach them something in limited time but now knowing how to make. However, now that I am aware of these I can work on them and improve myself. Realization of these can help me in the future when I need to complete a certain task in a limited time. I want to overcome the management barrier in order to excel in directing events. Which will help me interact with a large crowd without chaos. 


Moreover, everyone understood at a different pace so getting all of them on the same page and then moving forward was a challenge. Managing so many children of different age groups was difficult because some were able to do the task and some were not.   

Also, coming early every Saturday and Sunday was a huge commitment to make because I had to spend hours teaching instead of completing my own work. By the end of community service, I was very exhausted and too tired to work so time commitment was immense perseverance to make. As an individual, I can’t commit to things easily. I start off an activity with enthusiasm but after some period of time, I quit. However, CAS has helped me overcome this and now I finish what I started. This has made me more active. 

Furthermore, working in a team is usually easy for me. I like to collaborate with others so I can get a different perspective on things. During this activity, we had to decide on the methods of making certain things like mask, cloud and more. So I learned new ways we could make the same product. This helped me widen my perspective on things and how to look from a different angle. Teamwork was important because we had so many children to handle hence each of us took one task and helped the kids with it.

Additionally, I also engaged with the issues of global significance which is lack of education. The ethical concerns I faced was that while making craft items we wasted a lot of bits of paper which was wrong, another concern was whether what we taught them will last or not. Of course, we gave them exposure but there’s no saying whether how can we help them in the long term. This global issue is very serious there are many children on the street that are uneducated. I feel miserable because their bright mind will be the future but they don’t have the opportunity, hence the world will miss out. 

In conclusion, I evolved some learner profile characteristics like being open-minded and accepting other views on how to go about making the craft items. I was also a communicator trying to convey my ideas. Thinker, because I thought of ways to efficiently make the item. This overall experience was really good, at the end I was glad to help them. 




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