Gymming is something I always wanted to try but didn’t because either my parents denied it or I was knee-deep in assignments. However, grades 11 and 12 introduced CAS wherein I was able to explore the experience of the gym. This intense training helped me develop my fitness, build my stamina and achieve a healthy lifestyle. During this training, I was able to achieve learning outcomes 1,2 and 4. 

I discovered my strength and weakness. Undertaking exercise made me realize my weakness was upper body strength. I was not able to climb past monkey bars and couldn’t even pull myself up an inch. I was also lacking the strength required for pushups. However, there were certain activities I was confident with like, Squats, maintaining balance on the beam and some hip exercises. Realization of my strength and weakness made me more self-aware about my body and now that I knew them I could turn my weak spots into strength with hard work. I worked on my upper body strengths more often. I started with baby steps like pull-ups using theraband and jumping and holding on to the rod as long as I could. After a while, I was able to do monkey bars and pullups to some inches. I was delighted to overcome my weak spots. 

Furthermore, actively exercising every day was a challenge for me because of various reasons like time constraint, and due to some events overlapping with the gym timings. Time constraint because we have school till 4 and then I have my SAT classes, henceforth going to the gym sometimes was not possible because after these events I had to complete my schoolwork. It also started becoming tiring. Nevertheless, I worked out a way to manage all these things and still being able to go to the gym. Now instead of going every day to the gym, I go 3 days a week. This way I have plenty of time for schoolwork and fitness too. Undertaking this challenge turned out to be beneficial as I learned how to manage my time and juggle multiple activities. Undertaking these types of challenges to fulfill my goal helps me become more passionate about what I love. It teaches me how to solve problems without stress. This time management and problem-solving skills could help me in college when there’s too much. Learning these new skills makes me feel proud of myself, that I could now accomplish what I want with these set of skills. Absorbing new skills is important in order to grow as a person. 


Moreover, gymming is something that requires perseverance, which was difficult for me to obtain due to the fact that I am a very lazy person. On the contrary, this activity required time commitment and full attention physically. Therefore, I am a different person of this activity which made it unsuitable for me. Although I am a slothful person I learned that showing perseverance is important in order to reach your goal. “There are no free lunches” this statement proves that commitment and hard work will shower you with rewards. I continue gyming even though I was tired but now I can say that I am fit. This is a reward behind all my sweat and time. 

Finally, I developed a few learner profile characteristics like risk-taking and being balanced. The main highlight of this activity was the happiness of my face when I was able to do pushups in the correct posture. I felt at the top of the world as if I could achieve anything. This feeling kept me motivated. One thing I learned from gymming is that it’s not always boring, I got to make new friends while exercising. This whole experience was fun for me.

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