Global Odyssey

It was a small flea market where different brands and products compete to represent globalization. Students were divided into groups and took specific areas such as food, games and fashion.


One of my weaknesses which I discovered was my lack of knowledge in fashion, thus I opted for food stalls and also my taste in fashion.


I was not very experienced with serving food and it was very difficult for me to keep my patience as the customers were in a hurry and impatient on their part. But still, we played our part and gave our full effort in this process. I also realised that I don’t work very well in groups and coordinate enough with the group but still I managed to complete my task.


This whole food group was also divided into 2 groups such that 1 of them made desserts and after dinner food products and others made regular food or type of snacks even then there were many people in each group and we covered each other’s weaknesses which we lacked during the whole process.


It was a very important factor of our teachings and what our educators have taught us in BM and they have always emphasized that ethics is a must in business and thus we incorporated this skill in our whole event didn’t sell any item for more than needed. Each of us had a loss of 150 rs/- each but still, we donated the extra cash and didn’t increase the price of the products.

It also helped me understand how in real life you have to use your marketing skills and be smart not only in the aspects of knowledge but also street smart.

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