Farewell 2020

The event of Farewell 2020 was conducted at Fountainhead school. This was an event in which students from grade 11 participated and had put their efforts in making the passing out grade 12 students remember all the fun they had in the school and to live all the memories again. In this event, we had different teams such as activity team for games and fun, dance team for all the dance performances, decor team for the decoration and the anchoring team. I was a part of dance team as well as decor team. we started coming early a month before the day of event and started preparing. I wasn’t able to give equal time to both dance and decor as learning all the dances was a difficult job and consumed most of the time and at the end i gave my time in decoration when the final setup was being prepared.

Learning Outcomes Achieved:

  • Learning outcome 2: Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the process

In dance, I was part of for dances so that was one of the challenges for me as remembering steps for all the dances and making sure that I do not mix the steps was a difficult job. The second challenge that I faced was time management. I tried to give equal time to both dance and decoration but as learning dance takes a lot of time , it was difficult to work for decoration team as well. Perhaps before two or three days of the event, when the final decor started, I helped the other students in  setting up the whole decor. Also while all of these, giving time to my submissions and studies was a challenge therefore to overcome that I studied extra at night so that I can cope up with my studies.


  • Learning outcome 4: Show commitment to and perseverance in CAS experiences

As this was almost a month long experience, I had to be committed and persistent to it because if I have taken any responsibility, it is my duty to be committed and persistent to it. I attended all the early ins and meetings except one as I was sick and therefore I couldn’t make it for once but I had covered what I missed out further by giving extra time to it.

  • Learning outcome 5: Demonstrate the skills and recognise the benefits of working collaboratively

As the whole grade of 76 students were working for this, communication and collaboration was must so that the whole event goes smoothly and there are no misunderstandings or arguments with ourselves. The team leaders were open to ideas so we gave them ideas and collaboratively we all came to one conclusion and then executed it. This is how we worked collaboratively and recognised that it helps in making the work easier.


To conclude, the event was a huge success and everyone who had attended the event had enjoyed a lot. Also, all of us were happy that we were able to use our classroom learning in a practical way.



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