Physical fitness is a basic segment to a healthy life. My parents actually aside by it and are specific about maintaining their physical fitness . This inspired  me to ensure my fitness too. also somewhere the purpose of this activity was to loose my weight and build up my strength. Through this activity, I also developed a good habit of eating healthy foods. Every morning before school i go to gym for 1 hour and to supervise me with perfect guildliness and train me i hired a personal trainer i decided to go gym after my grade 10 vacations. 


learning outcome 01: Identify own strengths and develop areas for growth. By going to gym i was able to identify that i wasn’t good with endurance that is, I couldn’t persevere long and vigorous workouts but was able to make it my benefit with my strength of being punctual and attending it regularly by going to gym on regular basis, i was able to acknowledge that i would have done it long back so that i wouldn’t have to clash it along with the time of studies. According to me, knowing our strengths and weaknesses is very crucial as your strengths help us identify ourselves whereas the weaknesses hold us back in different areas where we have a capability to work upon it. by knowing our strengths and weaknesses we can know where we stand and work upon the area we lag in.


learning outcome 02: Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the process Doing exceptional exercise caused a lot of pain in my muscles which prompted negative implications on other academic and school exercises. I could barely move my body once I returned from the gym in the previous stages and it got hard for me to deal with the pain.There were days where I was unable to try and wake up on time because of the tiredness and pain and I missed my school for that as well.however because of this task , I built up the nature of withstanding pain and extreme exercise and gradually, I could bear the pain as my muscles developed I additionally built up my self-management skills along the process as I managed the pain of gymming and the pressure of studies at a go, which I accept, is significant for a student. 


learning outcome  04 – Show commitment to and perseverance in CAS experiences. As gyming was for the first time it was very difficult to meet up with the tasks and the expectations of the trainer where perseverance and commitment to my goal of getting fit and healthy was crucial for me. There is complete commitment from my side towards this half of my daily schedule as I have a session of gym everyday 5 am in the morning before school so i was not easy show commitment towards things but, gymming as a concept was crucial for my healthy well being that made me prioritize my routines again and persevere for the same.

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