Organising Committee (FSMUN 2019)

I was a part of the Organising Committee (OC) of  FSMUN’19. We were tasked with the decor of the venue, logistics, and photography of the event.  I prepared delegate kits as a part of the logistics team and helped the delegates on the day of the MUN. I made flags of delegate countries for the decoration of the venue. My goal was to experience and learn how events are organized.


During the MUN, I realized my strength was being able to work with different people which is maybe because I play a team sport regularly. This resulted in more efficient work. I could also communicate well with other members, leaders, and delegates which made the task easy. However, since this was my first time on the OC, I was not aware of various things such as the lines of communication or whom to communicate for resources which made the process very slow. I was also not very skilled at making artwork for decor and so I decided to pair up with my friend who was skilled at it. Participating in it, however, definitely made me better at it.


There were many challenges during my time in the OC. The first was managing study work with OC as coming early to school and stay backs made it difficult to maintain both. To overcome this, I drew up a schedule, however, I did not always follow the plan and missed some early sessions. Next time, I will ensure that I follow the plan. 


The commitment was necessary during this activity. This is because it was a large scale event. As a result, I had to go to school early and stay late which made me feel tired and exhausted. However, after some sessions, we got used to waking up early. Moreover, showing perseverance was important in order to complete all the tasks assigned to OC members.


Working in a team is easy for me because I play team sports. During FSMUN I did not face anyone difficult which was amazing as everyone worked collaboratively. This helped us complete every task in the given time with finesse. For eg helping each other make delegate kits and decorate the venue.

Overall, I understood how large scale events are organised and also developed perseverance and artistic skills.


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