Garba fest (Shubh Avsar)

I participated in Garba Fest (Shubh Avsar) this year as a participant in dance(flash mob) and the actual event. It absolutely was an exciting experience as this was the first time I was doing something with my grade and this was the opportunity where I could make new friends and create memories.


LO1: Identify own strengths and develop areas for growth

I am a good dancer but dancing a group with whom I have never talked before was new for me as I hesitate in making new friends and therefore through this event, I could identify that I can make friends easily it’s just I need to start the conversation with people. As this was a Garba event, we obviously played different garbas especially 22 and 32 which I love to play and also I learned different variations in the steps which were fun part.

LO2: Undertaken new challenges

As I didn’t know many people, it was difficult for me to cooperate with others and to go and talk to them if I had any difficulty, perhaps I tried talking to a few of them and asked them to teach me the dance steps as I missed the first early in and slowly I started talking to everyone, therefore, this is how I overcame my challenge.

LO4: Worked collaboratively with others

for the flash mob dance, while practicing we were many people in the dance and teaching all of them together was making chaos hence we divide ourselves into groups and opted for the leaders who would teach everyone the steps and lead the practice which went very smoothly and efficiently.

LO5: Shown perseverance and commitment in their activities

I went in each and every early-in for almost a week and a half for the dance practice.


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