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Our grade had organized a farewell for our seniors in which, I got an opportunity to use my skills of working with metal like grinding and cutting metal, welding (which I learned in Makers in school). My friend Maulish and I decided to make an entry gate in the shape of a star for the farewell entry towards the main venue(Hippodrome).

Our objective was to make 3 stars and use them as an entrance. 1 beside another, likewise, 3 parallelly but due to time constraints and I being less productive than I should have been, we were not able to complete the whole thing. We made 1 star, and we had metal part cut ready for the second star but single star alone looked pretty decent so it worked. This making of star and organizing the farewell helped me accomplish LO2, LO4 and LO5.


LO 2 because I faced a tonne of challenges while making the star. I learned how to cut metal and weld it in grade 9(2 years back) and had not practiced it for so long so it was a bit difficult at the start but then, as I went through, Manish sir and Maulish, both helped me get back on track to cut the pieces in the best possible way. Another challenge for us was the construction of the star. We knew how to cut and weld but what shape would fir the perfect size, from which side welding the metal would give the best result was the difficult part. We somehow managed to structure out the size of the edges of stars and decided to keep it open from the bottom in order to help people enter through it. This architecture part was new for us and we got to learn why the size and shape of such items matter a lot. It was important for me to go through these challenges because they helped me gain new knowledge which might help me in upcoming times.

LO 4 as it was important for both of us to showcase commitment towards completing the task else we would not have completed even a single star. Maulish was way more punctual to the task than me. I sometimes to refreshen up, went on walks along with other friends, and did not realized I spent a lot of time in there. I saw people playing around and having fun, I was not able to control myself from not going with them and being committed to the at hand task. I get distracted by such happenings around me very easily so it was indeed really difficult for me to devote myself completely to the task but I feel I gave efforts in order to build the star but I could have been more focused to this rather than distractions(like Maulish), which might have helped us make another star as well in the given time bound itself.

LO 5 as working with Maulish was very fun. He was very committed to the task and at any point of time, if I had any doubt, or questions, or suggestions, he always took them into considerations and took actions very wisely which I feel was very important in order to get the best possible final result. For me, working in groups/pairs is neither too easy nor too difficult because I try to inculcate the opinions of everyone but I’m usually unable to work myself with that but in here, as Maulish respected each of my opinions, I got to learn this skill from him and I realised that accepting more opinions can have major impacts on the improvement of the task one is doing. In our case, leadership was very important as Maulish always got back to me and helped me complete the task as soon as possible with the best quality, I feel if he would not have pushed me complete the star, I would probably have left it just like that!

To conclude, I tried to be a thinker while producing the most appropriate design for the star, I was knowledgeable as I had to recall the learning of grade 9 and apply them wisely to make the star, and obviously a communicator which helped me convey my ideas to my pair and we collaboratively work together to make the star look the most beautiful. Though we had some difficulties with time management, somehow, with the leadership and management skills Maulish and I possessed, we were able to make the star.



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