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Sahyadrs – Trek to Mulher | Activity

I along with my friends went on a 2 day trip to Mulher which is a historic mountain at about 4300 feet. The mountain consists of forts built in the 13th century for defense, and spread of war, etc. during those times. The Muhler is placed in a place known as Sahyadri. It was very fun climbing the mountain as the weather there was pretty fine, and I love trekking anyways. The trip was organized by a firm named The Wilderness India, who prepared this 2-day trip.

Our starting point was about 200 km away from our city(Surat) and we went there by bus. It took us about 4-5 hours to reach the campsite where we were starting our Trek from. After reaching there, we changed, we took our bags and started climbing the mountain. At the start, there was a soil road and then, after walking on it for an hour, we touched the mountain’s bottom and started climbing the mountain. It was pretty difficult at times climbing because of the steepness of the mountain and they obviously do not have proper roads to walk through. We passed by trees above us, Sand and dirt around but it was an amazing experience. We got to know about different types of plants and trees, we were able to explore the nature around us. Doing all this, we reached the top of the mountain(at 4300 feet) in about 3-4 hours.

There, we had a photo session, and then we started plotting our tents. The place was totally barren with no one living, no electricity, no water supply, just nature around us. After plotting tents, we started with making our dinner(Maggie and Hot Chocolate), our guides prepared and helped us understand how to survive in such conditions. While eating, we lit the bonfire, we also had a guitar player with us, who sung songs and we enjoyed it the most. The next morning, we had a glance at the beautiful sunrise and started to pack up our tents and started to leave. While returning back, we took another way rather than the one we came by. This route was much trickier as it was a lot steeper, we had more rocks and was surrounded by other mountains, we passed by a small cave as well. It was a new learning experience for us.

This is where we were able to demonstrate LO 1 and LO 2 as I challenged me not to fall, and complete the journey quickly. Seeking my strengths in completing tasks when committed, I was able to complete the journey. Now, that I know how I can surpass such routes, if one day, I’m lost at some site, I might be able to arrive back without any help required. And I’m glad that I was able to build up this strength of mine. I have done similar trekking earlier as well, but each place provides us with the entity to learn something new. It was important for me to take this challenge because if I weren’t able to climb down back, how’d I go back home! And anyway, in order to learn new things, we must take up challenges so that we’re able to succeed.

I was able to accomplish LO 4 as I had to be committed while trekking, not to be left behind, committed to working with everyone, committed to learning new things, committed to knowing the environment around me. The stamina and skills required to climb the mountain were more, so I had to be committed to myself in order to climb up to the top of the mountain.

To conclude, climbing the mountain was a bit difficult but a new learning experience for me, I was able to sustain myself throughout the journey and was a successful one for me.



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