The black and white conglomeration of music.

I have always been in love with music and books. The intricate details that come together and make a musical piece has never been disinteresting to me before, and it never will be. Before starting piano classes, I learned guitar for about one year, and that has helped me build my basics in musical theory. Learning Piano has been a rollercoaster of its own, but I will never regret it.

LO1 : Music has always been my passion, and I have the talent of only occasionally, even never, going off tune. Hence this ability has helped me immensely when studying Piano. My left and right hand coordination has also been strong, and learning piano has only further strengthened it. However, Piano has also taught me to be patient, hardworking and never give up, as many a times I was so frustrated with a piece that I just wanted to stop working on it.

LO2 : No matter how smooth or seamless it looks, playing a piano is not easy. The coordination between your left and right hand, and also with your feet (as piano also has peddles that help sustain or soften the notes), is extremely important, and is also the most difficult. I had to work really hard to get the rhythm established between my hands and my feet, and even now after a year of playing piano I still mess it up sometimes.

LO4 : Piano needed a lot of commitment and perseverance, and I’m proud to say I maintained it for a year and will keep on doing it in the coming years. There were lots of times when I thought of quitting cause it was too hard and my wrists and fingers were aching (and a nasty shoulder ache too), but then I thought about music and what it means to me, and how much joy I get when I finish playing an entire piece without any mistakes, and so I kept coming back to my piano.

LO6 : Piano was an integral part that maintained my good health and well being, specifically my mental health. Many times when I’m feeling down or sad, I would go and practice, and that wouldn’t solve my problems, but it gave me the peace I needed to think about them. Also after having such a deep relation to music since my childhood, my piano has kept me connected to that relation. It makes me feel closer to myself, and that is the best thing I can ask of my piano.

Learner Profile : the learner profile helped me a lot in my journey through music. By being a communicator, I could seek new knowledge from my teachers, and also bring forth my troubles and satisfactions. By being a balanced person, I made sure to not devote all of my time to piano–by giving equal time to studies and other extracurricular activities. By being reflective, I had the opportunity to reflect upon my improvement and my skills. By being open-minded, I took in the constructive criticism that my teachers gave me about my playing.

In conclusion, music is the essence of my existence; it has stayed with me when no one else did, it listened to me when no one else did, it accepted me when no one else did. My piano is just an extension of that.

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