Gym is a location where people exercise and gyming is basically to work out, people come here to build muscles, abs, their core, either to lose weight or to gain. I go to the gym to build muscles and lose weight.

I started to go to the gym 5 months back before that I neither did any workout or exercise, I did not even eat right. I gained a lot of weight when i stopped going to gym in the middle so i decided to join the gym with trainer Mr. Sunil.

The process that I took on was basically to go to the gym 4 days a week and workout for a minimum of 1 hour. Each day I did different exercises for different body parts while doing cardio daily.


Learning Outcomes that I achieved were LO1, LO2, LO4, LO5


There were many areas of growth under fitness one of them was lack of stamina and excessive body fat. My goal was to be fitter and slimmer, and as a long term goal, to gain more strength and get a good physique. Obviously, the process from reducing my weight from 90kgs to 73kgs was extremely challenging but I was determined and committed towards achieving my goals so I was able to accomplish it.


I had to deal with a lot of challenges such as allocating times which do not clash with my study sessions or tutions and when I have enough energy to perform a hardcore workout. This process was physically and mentally draining, as along with going to the gym I also had to cycle a lot and focus on my diet to improve my fitness and all of this required a lot of will power but I still accomplished what I thought was impossible.


Going to gym daily became boring so I made some friends at gym and we came up with a plan to workout daily together which helped us to push each other to our limits.

It was extremely challenging in the beginning but as I progressed, everything just fit in my schedule and I started getting closer to my goals and lost a lot of weight.

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