Garba class

Garba is something I have always enjoyed. CAS gave me an opportunity to include this in my daily routine. It was an enthusiastic as well as extremely exhausting activity. Physical tasks require a lot of dedication and commitment however doing something of personal interest can help you do it much better. I dedicated 1 hour to the activity on a daily basis for almost 3 months. This activity helped me identify my strengths and discover new things. I learned a lot of different steps of Garba. This particular activity was very motivating for me to start being consistent in doing anything in life.

During the process, I catered to 2 Learning outcomes broadly. Firstly, this activity helped me cater to LO1 which is identifying my own strengths and developing areas of growth. Now that I know about my strengths realize that it does not really take time for me to grasp and learn new things hence even this activity became a lot easier. I realized my weakness is that if there is something I think I will not be able to do I will not make efforts to do that. However, commitment towards completing this activity motivated me to try things that I think I will not be able to do. This benefitted me a lot because I could learn new skills during the process without limiting and holding myself back. 

Furthermore, I was also successful in achieving LO2 during the completion of this activity. There were plenty of challenges I faced in the span of 3 months. The very big challenge I faced during the activity was that I had to give time regularly to the activity along with all my academic and personal work, which is why time management was very difficult for me. Nevertheless, I learned a lot of things about my interests and my capabilities during these 3 months. I can agree that new skills have been developed, which is why this CAS experience was very helpful for me. Also, there were times when I had to skip 4 or 5 classes continuously and it was hard for me to get the right motivation and start attending the classes regularly again.

I also developed some learner profile attributes like being reflective about whatever I learn and how I use it while learning new skills further. Moreover, the motivation to complete this activity helped me develop this attribute of being balanced when I had to manage studying and extracurricular activities at the same time. Lastly, CAS experiences like these have helped me learn a lot of things and encouraged me to keep exploring new things.

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