Mixed Martial Arts | Activity

As the name suggests, Mixed Martial arts is a sport consisting of all different forms of fighting styles. For example: Kudo, Karate, Taekwondo, boxing, Wrestling etc. All combined into one is called mixed martial arts.

LO1:. Increased my awareness of my own strengths and areas for growth

While doing this activity, I was able to identify my strength and weaknesses related to this sport. During class, I realized that my stamina was extremely low, and I was able to improve during my period of those classes till now. While doing this activity I also realized that my strength was kicking, which is a major part of this sport.


LO2:Undertaken new challenges
What I find challenging in this activity is the immense dedication required to be good at this sport. As a person who has never stuck with any activity for longer than a few months, maintaining my dedication with Mixed martial arts was truly a tough one. I continued this activity for a long time and that really helped me develop my skills. Overcoming my challenges was not easy but because I had an exceptional interest for this sport, I was able to get through it.


Sustainable Development goals:

  1. Good health and wellbeing: This activity focused on this specific SDG as it works on the Strands of ‘Activity’ in cas. There are free classes being held by us on saturday so anyone can come and learn this activity.




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