Garba Fest

This activity consist creating the decor for the Garba fest. Garba fest is a small celebration in school in order to praise our culture of graba. Here we as a group creatively designed the decor for the whole event.

Firstly this activity helped me recognize my weakness of self management. I would really like to work on this weakness because once a overcome it I will be able to find ample amount of time for other tings I am willing to accomplish.

For this activity we have to come early to school for almost 2 weeks which disturbed my studies because I majorly study at early morning and then head for music class in the evening so there was a large backlog of studies but I had to persevere and push myself because I didn’t want this event to fail.

We had to be ethically integrated by showing respect to intellectual property and so we ensured that we asked for permission for using some else’s idea and not plagiarizing.

In all this activity taught me to be principled and the importance of showcasing creativity and originality, also synergy. The people who participated in this event enjoyed playing garba and the facilities provided by us.

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