Every year according to the school tradition, my Grade 11 bid farewell to our seniors in an amazing fashion. Our coordinators had made several teams like decor, dance, anchoring, IT and video making. I was given the opportunity to work for the video making team. We were given well over 3 weeks for preparing the videos.

L1 – Identify own strengths and develop areas for growth

I identified this opportunity as a great learning experience. I was the co-director the short film that we were making, I was a little nervous in the beginning as I had absolutely no experience in directing or editing a film. Nonetheless, I took it up as a challenge and strived to work towards it. I had great ideas of including humour into the videos be it adding funny transitions or memes. These small inclusions made our seniors laugh hysterically. On the day of the farewell, I was assigned the last-minute role of controlling the audio and video. Having prior experience in this role, I unhesitatingly took up the role.

L4-commitment to and perseverance

This experience was filled with challenges. The first being that all the work had to be done with the utmost discretion to avoid being noticed by our seniors. Next, we had to procure equipment and had to record 1 hour worth of video(excluding multiple cuts). We had an idea to include funny yet emotional parting messages of their teachers. This prolonged the work by a full week setting us way behind course. After finally receiving all the recording, we had to trim them short enough to have a duration of 20 minutes. This was particularly difficult as we didn’t want to leave out any teachers nor sacrifice on the duration of the film. After much persistence, we were able to make the film a reality.

L5-. Demonstrate the skills and benefits of working collaboratively

Working with a team of 4 I assigned was fantastic. We had people with prior directing experience and people with video editing experience. This made formulating a plan and delegating work much easier. I still feel though an extra member could have contributed more to the video, in the end, we were able to manage it anyway. Deadlines with very short deadlines(some even being as short as 5 hours) were met successfully without compromising on the quality of the film.

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