Peace Cadre

This activity consist of maintaining peace in school ensuring that a safe and developmental environment is maintained. Also ensuring that no child’s learning capabilities are hampered. I am in charge of a sections in grade 7 and under me are certain kids from those section who report me of any unusual/disturbing incidents and I will have to take decisions for how to proceed with the events.Bullying and other many distracting instances can lead to a major change in behaviour of a person. It also distracts the other kids and so there is no effective learning.

I was able to identify the strength of being able to empathize with bullies and the victims, which helped me counsel and work with more easily, so I realised my strength in communication. However I also realised my weakness in decision making, I found it difficult to decide what kind of consequences should be given for certain mistakes. Overcoming this mistake would be extremely helpful because I will be able to make critical decisions all by my self. Bring able to make important informed decision can help me gain a sense of security and stability in the work I do. This can also help me gain self confidence.

One of the challenges I faced was staying committed and preserve in this activity because it is a long term activity. I had to ask the certain class members who were a part of this peace cadre on an alternate day basis and manage all the assignments, school work and other activities simultaneously. This often created a feeling of giving this activity up but then I often reminded myself the purpose of this activity and how helpful it is and kept on continuing it. It is not very easy for me to commit to things because I have this habit of easily changing my mind but if I find it is important or beneficial for me I cannot commit to it, so I constantly reminded my self the purpose of this activity and persevered. It is extremely important to commit to things in life because only then one will be able to excel in it.

Peace and justice and strong intuition were two issues covered n this topic. Peace and Justice has been said the topic that the mankind has been fighting since the beginning of existence and are still continuing to fight for equality. Contributing to a global issue makes me feel privileged and also helps me develop right morals and values in life which is necessary for personal growth.

In all this activity helped me develop the skill of being open- minded, thinker and a communicator. This activity also benefited others who were either facing issues or were the bullies themselves, they were able to understand the severity of the issue and now stop themselves from committing such harm to others. The victims learned to become strong and love themselves. I saw my own growth n understanding why to people commit the act of bullying.

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