My motive to join a gym to stay fit and maintain my upper body fit. I train every day for 1 hour with a personal trainer. And the gym gives many benefits to our body. It keeps my body healthy and increases my stamina of sprint and also it keeps away from heart diseases, diabetes and also it helps to glow my skin and many more benefits. And I used to spend my time watching movies and using the phone and all but now I used to spend my time in the gym and gives me more benefits. and I used to do a gym with a personal trainer to take care that I was doing everything properly, and he uses to give me a diet that gives more protein to my body.

LO1 Identify your own strengths and develop areas for personal growth.

when I started my gym I found out that I was not able to lift more weight and I was not able to run more. so I need to work upon it to make my body healthy and to increase my stamina.

LO2 Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the process.

The challenge I feel that not to full fill the requirements of trainer because he used to give more exercise in a day which was out of my capacity and I was not able to go with his full workout but after 1 month I was capable with his training and after 1 month I have increased my workout time to increase my stamina faster. and for a gym, I need to change my routine and need[ to residual my daily routines.

LO4 Show commitment to and perseverance in CAS experiences.

The commitment to being regular and not to give up was very important for me to achieve my aims and objectives. It’s not always easy to show commitment towards things but, gymming as a concept was crucial for the healthy well being that made me prioritize my routines again and persevere for the same.


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