Community Service

In the month of july our school gave us the opportunity to contribute to society through community service in this activity we taught students from government schools how to operate computers and taught them general terms relating to IT. The service lasted for 3 weekends and over those 3 weekends the students acquired different skills. The first 2 days were introduction to the absolute basics (how to type, how to operate a mouse), The second weekend was introduction to a word processor in which they learned how to create documents and customize the fonts. The third weekend we taught them how to surf the internet through a browser.

LO – 1

I identified my strength as being able to operate and explaining how to use IT systems this is the reason that lead me to pick IT in these sessions.

LO – 2

One of the big challenges was to explain and compress our knowledge of IT systems to such a simple level that the students understand, as some of them hadn’t even seen a computer before. Since communication is necessary to pass on knowledge, we wrote down simple instructions on the board and guided each and every student personally so that they understand the task.

LO 3
The first few days of our teaching the students began to show signs of boredom because we did not have a set agenda to follow and each child had a unique learning speed. over the next couple days we prepared a hierarchy of things to be thoughts and included a bunch of fun games which had a fixed pace. This allowed us to manage our class better and escape the chaos created.

LO – 4

Commitment was needed in order to ensure fluidity in the learning process for the children. This meant coming in for every session without fail.

LO – 5

There were a large number of children who wanted to learn, this seemed like a daunting task for an individual but being in a team was greatly beneficial depending upon the children present we assigned a full row or a half row to a person, this allowed each child to call for help when needed. By having multiple members we were able to discuss opinions and modify the content being taught according to the children’s needs.

LO – 6

We contributed towards the development goal “Quality Education” by teaching these students about operating technology.

I found myself trying to speak gujarati in order to establish an understanding between the children, helping me develop the learner profile Communicator.


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