Global odyssey

Global Odyssey was an event in school organized by business management and economics students. organize various stalls of food, fashion and games and implementing our classroom knowledge. I was the part of the decore team in which we used to come early in and we use to paint and cut cardboards for stalls and overall decoration of this event was done by the decore team. Global Odyssey was on the 5th of February 2020, but our team was working from 1 January. and few days reaming for this event we use to cover our BM and eco classes for going the work for this event.

LO2 Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken

 The biggest challenge I felt that to take time for this event and to miss a class and cover the topics held in a class by time and we got a deadline to complete all decoration work by time so we need to come early in to complete the work.

LO4  Commitment to and perseverance

As we got a due date to complete the work for the event so we committed that whatever problem comes we will prove ourselves that we will complete the work on time. And then we bring some materials to form home and came early in to complete the work on time.

LO5  Demonstrate the skills and benefits of working collaboratively

By doing the work with a team make work easier and faster. And we divided our work with everyone so it works faster and gets the opportunity to complete their responsibility on time, And we don’t scold any teammate if he/she can’t able to complete their work on time.

LO6  Engagement with issues of global significance

From school, we get a limited source from a store so we tried our best not to waste any material provided from school and we don’t get more budget to take material from outside so we tried our best to complete the event with limited resources.





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