Our team and I practice basketball every day with a coach. Here we work on our fitness and different strengths as per our position’s requirements. We work on team coordination and learn different tactics of the game. As a team, we all aim to get selected at a national level and win for our school, city, and state.

Catering to LO1, individually, I want to achieve a good fitness level, along with a game that someone would aspire towards. For the same, we first work on our own fitness, by sprinting, stair and floor exercises, working with weights, medicine ball, etc. which increases our hand power, the strength of core and calf muscles.

LO4 has been showcased as we work towards it every day, showing commitment and perseverance. In the morning we go there for an hour, and one hour in the evening. Managing two sessions along with studies was a tough job but to show regular involvement and improvement in us within a shorter time period, we had to do it.

Lastly, LO5 is demonstrated by us since we all really work together, collaboratively to look forward to attaining one common goal someday. The evening practice sessions focus usually on coordination amongst us and understanding each other during the game to make a strong team.


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